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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Banner Advertisement Rates at CHM


Banner Advertisement Rates at CHM.
1. 900x90px = RM100 permonth (NOT AVAILABLE)
2. 800x90px = RM100 permonth (AVAILABLE2)
3. 290x290px = RM50 permonth - Location: Leftsidebar (AVAILABLE)
4. 200x200px = RM40 permonth - Location: 1st Rightsidebar (NOT AVAILABLE)
 5. 200x200px = RM30 permonth - Location: 2nd Rightsidebar (NOT AVAILABLE)
 6. 200x200px = RM20 permonth - Location: Rightsidebar (AVAILABLE)
7. 200x100px = RM10 permonth - Location: Rightsidebar (AVAILABLE)
For more info email to


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